Sara has been my friend for as long as I can remember.  But she was more than a friend, she taught me to be a woman.  Through Christmas and birthday presents she ensured that a self-proclaimed tom-boy had all the make-up, accessories and clothes that a proper woman should.  Sara seemed to be a woman right from the start, she has an easy grace and a smile that comes easily.

In high school I can still remember her talking about Nick.  Her cousin’s best friend, how was charming, cute and as quick with the Simpson’s references as she was (quite a feat).  It wasn’t till we were all out many years later that sparks flew, and the flames haven’t died.  As a friend bearing witness you are always trying to make sure that a new man is treating your friend as he should.  Nick always treated Sara as more than a woman, he treats her like a lady.

And in the words of Eliza Doolittle, “The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.”

We braved the cold to take engagement photos in the windy city of Philadelphia.  Enjoy and feel free to add your comments!


I read alot of photography websites, there are 26 sites on my RSS feed along.  Keeping up with them can seem like a full-time job sometimes, and I don’t always agree with what all of them say, but nothing beats the free learning.  The other problem is that they tend to talk about all the things you don’t have, accessories, bodies and of course lenses.

One of these blogs did relay a new tool, however. is a new website that looks at your current lens suggestion and then offers suggestions for what would fill the gap, work in your budget, and be fully compatible with your camera body.  Unfortunately it stills seems to lack a bit in terms of searching (can be hard to locate your current lenses, no advanced search functions) and doesn’t offer reviews/commentary but it’s a new site and I’m sure all of that will be coming!

I love toast… I think more accurately I love a fluffy white carbohydrate that is warm, pillowy and toasted with butter melting all over it.  Bonus points if I have something additional and sweet to spread on top like homemade jam or even… Apple Butter.  Apple Butter seems to be one of the most underrated toast toppings, so much so that I’m scared one day it will disappear from my local supermarket shelves and I’ll be forced to mail-order it in barrel form.

I had a serious craving for apple butter, so I had myself some toast for lunch (a fast I’m sure Tom will make fun of me for when he gets home… and I’m so sure of it because he made fun of me for the same reason yesterday).  While waiting for the toast to pop I also got lucky and snagged my new favorite picture of Loki.  Today must be my lucky day!

What do you love that’s simple?

Headed to NYC this past weekend to see the infamous tree all lit up and just have some general good times with some generally good friends.  On Saturday we headed down South to see the Brooklyn Bridge (made me long for a wider lens), the WTC site (moving even though it’s been blocked by fences for construction now) and then headed out for a night of dinner, dancing and darts!

Along the way I was lucky enough to have friends who allow me to be a photo dork.  They even let me practice getting-ready style bridal pictures as Heather and Midge got all gussied-up for their night out.  It was about the worst situation for picture taking as it was cramped, had super-yellow light and had boys running around trying to photo-bomb the picture!  I think a few of them turned out pretty nice!

And because a post is always better with pictures…

Heather was my babysitter.  Prior to our shoot my memories of her included lots of popcorn and her hanging me upside down because it made me laugh.  Not long after that she met Tony, and they made each other laugh.  But they were just friends, for awhile.

Although they are much more than friends now, they still make each other laugh.  We took an evening at a local historic village in order to record some small moments in their long and happy history!

Addison was my first baby shoot and she was so smiling and happy you couldn’t help but love her.  She was enthralled with the camera and wanted nothing more than to press the buttons, stick out her tongue and show off her ability to clap.  Early in the day Addison’s grandfather asked if I could Photoshop in hair and although I didn’t, her mother gave her some bubble hair in tub later that afternoon, and we have the pictures to prove it.

There were bows on her shoes, bows on her shirt and bows tied around their hearts.  I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for Kelly and Pat this weekend and they laughed so plentifully, and smiled  so broadly it was impossible to not be sucked in by their enthusiasm.

I learned so much during the shoot and I appreciate the fact that they were totally willing to go along with all my crazy ideas (“Oh look at that door!”).  I know they are going to have the most fun wedding and they deserve all the best of life’s gifts, wrapped up in little bows!

And because posts are always better with pictures, here are some of the goods…

So in what I’m hoping is a case of “blessing in disguise,” I lost my real job yesterday.   Although I’m disappointed that the evil plant manager seems to have won the war I truly believe people get what they deserve in the end.

The added benefit is that now I’m REALLY looking forward to the shoots that ended up scheduled for the next few weeks.  We figured out locations/themes for all the shoots, and only one of them doesn’t have a date set yet.  The first is this weekend so hopefully I’ll have some photos to post soon!

On that note I spent a bunch of time last night learning how to handle skin retouching on LR3 and can do so much more than I could before!  I was lucky hat I was already going to be taking photos of some super gorgeous people, but knowing how to make things that little bit extra perfect can’t hurt anything!

So yesterday I finally took “the plunge.”  I sucked up my pride and shared with the world my desire to become a wedding photographer.  I guess that might not seem that momentous but to me it was, admittedly, terrifying!  Once you voice a dream outloud in something more than a whisper, it’s no longer just sleepy-time fantasy.  It’s now an object that can be judged, ridiculed or at the very least inquired about.  Voicing this dream ouloud (or atleast on Facebook which is probably more than just “outloud”) has both liberated me and set the standard.

In the process of admitting that I wanted to take pictures of people, in love, as more than a hobby, I also requested that any friends interested in pictures let me know so they could get free pictures and I could get a portfolio.  The response was overwhelming!  Now the hard part is delivering.  Friends are great because they will offer to help, but I want to deliver them pictures that are up to the level they deserve… what if I choke?

On top of all that I called a photographer, completely out of the blue, to say something totally dorky that sounded, I’m sure, something like “I’m a big incompetent dork who sometimes plays with a camera, would a professional like you want some help from me?”  I doubt I’ll ever hear back, but I count it as a step in the right direction, a step away from being a super chicken and trying to make this dream a reality!

Anyway hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have some great pictures to share, for as much as I’m scared I’m also really excited!!

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