So yesterday I finally took “the plunge.”  I sucked up my pride and shared with the world my desire to become a wedding photographer.  I guess that might not seem that momentous but to me it was, admittedly, terrifying!  Once you voice a dream outloud in something more than a whisper, it’s no longer just sleepy-time fantasy.  It’s now an object that can be judged, ridiculed or at the very least inquired about.  Voicing this dream ouloud (or atleast on Facebook which is probably more than just “outloud”) has both liberated me and set the standard.

In the process of admitting that I wanted to take pictures of people, in love, as more than a hobby, I also requested that any friends interested in pictures let me know so they could get free pictures and I could get a portfolio.  The response was overwhelming!  Now the hard part is delivering.  Friends are great because they will offer to help, but I want to deliver them pictures that are up to the level they deserve… what if I choke?

On top of all that I called a photographer, completely out of the blue, to say something totally dorky that sounded, I’m sure, something like “I’m a big incompetent dork who sometimes plays with a camera, would a professional like you want some help from me?”  I doubt I’ll ever hear back, but I count it as a step in the right direction, a step away from being a super chicken and trying to make this dream a reality!

Anyway hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll have some great pictures to share, for as much as I’m scared I’m also really excited!!