I love toast… I think more accurately I love a fluffy white carbohydrate that is warm, pillowy and toasted with butter melting all over it.  Bonus points if I have something additional and sweet to spread on top like homemade jam or even… Apple Butter.  Apple Butter seems to be one of the most underrated toast toppings, so much so that I’m scared one day it will disappear from my local supermarket shelves and I’ll be forced to mail-order it in barrel form.

I had a serious craving for apple butter, so I had myself some toast for lunch (a fast I’m sure Tom will make fun of me for when he gets home… and I’m so sure of it because he made fun of me for the same reason yesterday).  While waiting for the toast to pop I also got lucky and snagged my new favorite picture of Loki.  Today must be my lucky day!

What do you love that’s simple?