Sara has been my friend for as long as I can remember.  But she was more than a friend, she taught me to be a woman.  Through Christmas and birthday presents she ensured that a self-proclaimed tom-boy had all the make-up, accessories and clothes that a proper woman should.  Sara seemed to be a woman right from the start, she has an easy grace and a smile that comes easily.

In high school I can still remember her talking about Nick.  Her cousin’s best friend, how was charming, cute and as quick with the Simpson’s references as she was (quite a feat).  It wasn’t till we were all out many years later that sparks flew, and the flames haven’t died.  As a friend bearing witness you are always trying to make sure that a new man is treating your friend as he should.  Nick always treated Sara as more than a woman, he treats her like a lady.

And in the words of Eliza Doolittle, “The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.”

We braved the cold to take engagement photos in the windy city of Philadelphia.  Enjoy and feel free to add your comments!